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Meetings with Singapore's National Water Agency

January 17, 2018


The Public Utility Board of Singapore (PUB) is attended the seventh World Water-Tech summit in London on 20-21 February. 

Working with the Department for International Trade and via our affiliation with The UK Water Partnership, we were asked to notify our members that PUB are keen to arrange meetings, whilst they are in the UK, with companies operating in any of the four areas highlighted below. 


PUB would like to leverage technology to optimise our operation and maintenance of 3,500km of sewers and more than 90,000 manholes.  Our areas of interest are according to the following 4 areas:

1. Asset Condition & Renewal

Asset condition assessment, scoring matrix or asset conditioning and renewal and predictive maintenance programmes

To learn more about the performance of cured-in-place-pipe lining using styrene-free resins, rehabilitation technologies that can negotiate tight bends and feasible renewal technologies for rehabilitated pipes

Measuring infiltration, inflow and exfiltration

2. Network Protection

New monitoring techniques for above and below ground activities that may cause structural damage to live sewers

Application of fibre optic technologies and how they can be used as sensing systems to prevent failure of pipelines  

3. Discharge Quality 

Real-time monitoring and control of trade effluent discharge including instrumentation to detect Hydrocarbons and VOCs  

Using used water quality modelling systems to better understand the impact of pollutant discharge

To detect, trace and measure the location and extent of leaks in the sewerage system

4. Operational Readiness & Efficiency

Technologies for inspection, desilting and maintenance of tunnels including the performance of drones and robots  

Technologies that enable better monitoring and management of sediments, fats, oil and grease

Sewerage network flow monitoring including the performance of more instrumentation equipment for real-time hydraulic modelling and operations


Anyone wishing to join the UK Flood Partnership should contact Sarah Marriott on