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Upcoming Opportunity: InterFLOOD Asia

January 5, 2018

UK Flood Partnership members are invited to participate in InterFLOOD Asia, to be held in Singapore between 10-14 April 2018.

Dates: 11-12th April 2018

Venue: Suntec, Singapore

InterFLOOD Asia 2018 exhibition & conference is the only regional event dedicated to the technical, engineering and financial solutions needed to mitigate and manage the risks of flooding and the potentially catastrophic consequences for life, business and the economy.

It is aimed at those public, commercial and financial organisations with responsibility for designing, planning, funding and constructing resilient and adaptable urban infrastructure and related early warning and management systems, as well as supplies of flood mitigation and disaster management products. 

There are several opportunities for UKFP members to participate as exhibitors, speakers or delegates.


For more information about the conference please visit


Why you should exhibit:

  • The event will take place alongside the 5th edition of the successful InterMET Asia show, which focuses on development of extreme weather impact early warning systems, forecasting, data analysis and end user applications, including a Special Session on Public-Private Sector Co-operation supported by the World Bank - Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)
  • Unprecedented opportunity to meet and network with government departments and financial donor agencies responsible for defining and funding the relevant infrastructure projects, equipment and services
  • The InterFLOOD Asia Conference is free to attend for exhibitors, and is based on a series of high quality conference sessions and workshops
  • The international exhibition will showcase the full range of flood and water management products and services which provide cutting edge technology and knowhow
  •  InterFLOOD Asia will benefit from a focused marketing campaign to bring buyers from the public, private and economic development sectors across Asia

Speaker Opportunities

1. Technical Presentation Session (flood focus). All exhibitors have the right to present in the Technical Presentation Session, as long as the session is not already full.

2. UKFP members are invited to submit presentations for consideration in InterFLOOD Session 2 - Flood Mitigation, Management & Resilience 1 - Structural & hard engineering solutions. This session covers:

a. The current state of play and thinking regarding 'structural' and 'engineering' solutions to manage and mitigate flood risk. Case Studies covering lessons learned, technology innovations, etc

b. Current technologies in place and how they minimise economic disruption and will cope with ever-increasing water levels.

c. Technology innovations to deal with the disruption caused by flooding (in such key areas as energy, health, transport, communication, etc).

d. Future thinking regarding 'structural' and 'engineering' solutions.

3. Partnership members may, subject to demand, ask to Chair one of the above two sessions.

4. Other opportunities to speak, subject to demand, may exist in other sessions, notably: InterFLOOD Sessions 3 and 5 -  Flood Mitigation, Management & Resilience - Non-structural and natural or 'green' solutions.

There are preferential pavilion rates for UKFP members, contact Sarah Marriott at for more information.

If you're interested in becoming a UK Flood Partnership member, please contact Sarah Marriott on the above email address.